Image Masking Service:

Image masking service is one of the most valuable and patient services in the graphic design sector. When someone wants to remove the background from his complex image so that it has a lot of outer hair or some kind of fur, he has to apply Photoshop masking techniques. Masking techniques are very sensitive to obtain high-quality results. There are different types of masking. Different types of images require different types of masking. You cannot ignore the photo masking service if one has options for hair along with blurred edges.

Masking image is one of the most popular and useful image editing techniques using Adobe Photoshop. To finish the photo masking, a pen tool has been applied. In fact, it is a method of removing the background of the image although the best way to do this is the clipping path process but when the technique alone is not sufficient for some complex image, the image masking occurs and the process wants to be completely completed as it is needed. There are many complex images that have soft edges, outlines, many curves and curves such as hair, fur, or semi-transparent or covered images such as glasses, feathers, smokes, flame, highlights, lighting, chiffon, muslin, blankets etc.

What Is Image Masking?

Image masking is a process of remove background from an image. It also corrects the distorted area of an image or photo. Image masking is used to confirm that the shape of the photo is untouched. Photoshop Image masking is similar to the clipping path. Originally, the clipping path helps to remove the background out of an image, but image masking removes the background along with the exact shape and details of an image. Image masking is a process of Photoshop software like graphics to hide some portions of an image and to express some portions. Most of the time it enables you to adjust and tweak the mask later if necessary. Image masking is an efficient and more creative way of image manipulation services.

Types of Image Masking:

Types of image masking are described below

Layer Masks:

Layer masks are a basic tool in image manipulations. It permits you to buy selection modify the opacity (transparency) of the layer they belong to. This differs from the employment of the layer opacity slider as a mask has the facility to selection modify the opacity of various areas across one layer.

Clipping Mask:

clipping mask is a group of layers to which a mask is applied. The lowermost layer, or base layer, defines the visible boundaries of the complete group. As an example, guess you have a shape in the base layer, a photograph in the layer on top of it, and text in the uppermost layer. If the photograph and text be manifest solely through the shape define in the base layer, they also take the opacity of the base layer.

Alpha channel mask:

The alpha channel is actually a mask. It specifies, however, the pixel’s colors ought to be merged with another pixel when the two are overlaid, one on top of the other. Typically, you would not outline the alpha channel on a pixel-by-pixel basis, however rather per object. Different completely components of the item would have different levels of transparency counting on how much you needed the background to point out though. This permits you to create rectangular objects that seem as if they’re irregular in shape — you outline the rectangular edges as transparent so the background shows through. This is particularly vital for animation, where the background changes from one frame to the future.

Masking Transparent Objects:

Masking Transparent Objects isolates the entire background of the photo. Then transferring the object into a new background, the object will be transparent and the color will be visible. You can make the object constant and also switch the background according to your taste by this service. Generally, it is used in glass, car glass, sunglass, etc.

The Importance of Image Masking Service:

When your images contain fuzzy edge or lower opacity outside like hair or any fur then it’s difficult to bring perfect results. But if one has proper knowledge and skill on all types of photo masking he can easily bring perfect results. Clipping place bd always cares every part of providing reliable and stunning photo masking service at a reasonable price. We always apply the manual process instead of a non-professional process. Forgetting professional and error-free image masking service to make transparency background, we follow updated techniques and tools.

When it comes to transparent background issues of an image that contains flying hair or another fur then Clipping place bd is can be your best solution. After applying our masking techniques, you can use your images on any kind of background. All our services are natural and manual. We are providing the following different images masking service depending on your images:

    (i)     Photo Layer Masking Service.

   (ii)    Channel Masking Service.

   (iii)    Alpha Photo Masking Service.

   (iv)    Edge Refine Masking Service.

   (v)    Translucent or Transparent Object Masking Service.

   (vi)    All type of Color Masking Service


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